Spark Events

Spark Events

You dream of it.We realise

Spark Events is a proved concept created by two music lover’s, Who assiociated a DJ and a Live Saxphonist to stimule and animate your event in music jazz funk disco and house. Were adapting our style with simplicity and dextirity to your events.

We made a point of honor to adapt our style to your event. Were going to make that a unique party who will fit you. This concept has been already proof on many kind of events, Coctails, Weddings, huge and small dancefloors. We will bring the vibes you want for your event, to make it unforgettable.

Since 2010, we gain a renown by producing ourself in various clubs and prestigious events in Europe and Switzerland.

My Concept

Your Event

Ismael Kuide

He starts at 9 years old Saxophone and refine his technique for 15 years between Jazz,
blue Classic and modern music.
In a few years , he played in all the best place of Swiss and Europe and continues to produce in internationally for Private parties , Producer and Compostiteur he currently plays with djs and Dora live Band.


Video presentation


Adapt the concept

Build your team

Dorien Smith

Originally from San Francisco, MC Romeo Blue is a gifted singer/songwriter, choreographer and producer, performing at numerous special events hosted by famous names such as Sophia Loren, Cartier, Rolex and the New Orleans Jazz Festival.and singer to Dora live band

Cyrille chambard

French professionnal drummer and percusionist. He can adapt on any musical style with dexterity and energy. He’s the official drumer of Dora Live Band and are resident at Baroque club in Geneva

Matthew Orioli

Matt was Born into an artistic family. In 1994 , Matthew Begin the conservatory of Lausanne in the class of Stefan Rusiecki. Matthew start playing classical, rock, metal, jazz to Celtic. Matt was discovered during an event organnised by RedBull. This was the major turning point in his musical career. Since this, it multiplies the scenes, dancefloor, weddings and events occurring with various DJs